Equilis Europe is continuing with its expansion in Europe

Olivier Beguin, CEO Equilis Europe:
We are proud to consolidate our expansion in Europe. After 12 years of development, a presence in 7 countries, we plan to open a new office in Germany in 2019. Our way of approaching each market is specific and has shown its success. We aim to develop commercial and private properties that breath happiness throughout. Customer centricity is key. We want to provide more than just bricks and basic functionalities. It’s essential to bring added value to our customers. At Equilis we do not only integrate local specific requirements, but also new trends, new lifestyles. New expectations in terms of mobility, services, sustainability, working, sharing, are societal challenges we bring into our building concepts. Aesthetics is also very important. A specific internal committee has been set-up for validation of all aesthetical choices linked to a project. At Equilis, we go for buildings with a meaning.”

Our stories in the different countries.