Equilis Belgium continues to grow and starts 6 projects this year

Nadia Vrancken, CEO Equilis Belgium: “The Equilis team is happy and proud to write a new page of its story. Equilis, which has become a major player in the property market in just 12 years, confirms its position as an agile and multi-expert player. We are starting mixed projects, developed incorporating society’s challenges, the mobility challenge, local needs, and focusing on the end user and their needs.”

Equilis Belgium. An organisation serving tomorrow’s development.

Jean-Philippe Doutrelugne and Olivier Weets have been co-managing development for over a year now, allowing the Belgian team to continue its progress and meet its shareholder’s desire to invest.

The team of developers has 3 new talents, with proven residential experience, and is still looking for a Brussels developer.

With its recognised business development know-how (Docks Bruxsel, Bellefleur, Manufacture65, Froyennes … etc.), and references in the development of new districts such as Papeteries de Genval and Court Village, the Belgian multidisciplinary team consolidates its position as a major player on the Belgian market.

Equilis is continuing to develop projects in Wallonia, as a key player in mixed and complex projects in and around city centres. The aim of the team is also to position itself as a Brussels operator and to establish partnerships in Flanders through its knowledge of the retail sector and its residential experience.

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Seneffe – Les Deux Ecluses – Project in 2019

Equilis rehabilitates an old industrial site and creates a new residential neighbourhood with 85 apartments in phase 1, at the edge of the Old Canal, in a rural setting. Les Deux Ecluses is a unique residential project combining nature, tranquillity and quality of life. Located out in the country, at the water’s edge, the homes offer both rustic tranquillity and optimal accessibility. From studio to penthouse, all the apartments are spacious and bright and have a terrace to enjoy the benefits of the country with a view over the gardens and the canal.
The ground clearance and drainage has begun, the project will start in August 2019.
Officially begun in September 2018, the marketing is going well. 65% of the apartments have been sold already. The offer meets a real local need.
Delivery scheduled: February 2021.

Braine L’Alleud – Terra Nostra – Project in 2019

Equilis is currently developing a new sustainable neighbourhood in Braine-l’Alleud district, bordering with Waterloo, phase one of which offers a complex of four buildings containing 44 apartments and 7 spaces for self-employed professionals.
Baptised Terra Nostra, the project is based on an ecological gridding that plays a central role in the site’s social dynamic. Outdoor furniture, optimal management of natural resources, harmonious architecture, cycling-pedestrian areas and paths contribute to the emergence of a community committed to values such as good-neighbourliness, tranquillity, environmental-friendliness. An adjacent second phase of the project is currently being studied.
The project will start in September 2019

Gosselies – Project in 2019

Equilis is starting the works on a new ‘Home & Food’ cluster of 10,000m², on the very busy N5 road. Customers can come and eat there, do the shopping for their home articles and also their food shopping. The architecture is ambitious and breaks the rules. Elegant and double-height, it provides a pleasant environment for its users, who will also enjoy the groomed, planted outdoor spaces.
Marketing in progress. More than 50% of the spaces are at the advanced negotiation stage.
The project will start in August 2019. MAD scheduled for March 2020.

Les Papeteries de Genval III – Project in 2019

The old Genval Paper Mills have been transformed into a mixed, modern project offering a total of 390 homes, a Residence for the Elderly (RPPA – 101 flats) and 15,000 m² of shops.
The site is a calling card for Equilis. It has already led to a collaboration with various authorities to consider future developments. Restoring a stream to the surface in the very heart of a mixed project shows, despite the complexity of this choice, how urban districts, tomorrow’s living areas, can be reinvented. Low energy housing, photovoltaic panels or green roofs have now become standard Equilis developments in its projects.
Phase two of the Papeteries de Genval project (2,500m² of retail floor area and 97 apartments) has been completed. 100% of the apartments have been sold and delivered. Only 4 retails spaces remain to be leased (out of 10). The success of this second phase lies in the quality offer that included 64 new apartments housed above the future new shops and 33 higher range homes housed in three detached houses with apartments with private gardens on the ground floor and penthouses with 150 m² terraces overlooking planted areas. This complex is ideally located between phase 1, the water’s edge and the Lasne valley protected green area.
Works on phase 3 start in March 2019. 132 home units and 24 units in a second stage and 1,900 m² of retail are planned in this last phase.
The marketing has already been a success: 60% of the apartments are reserved.

Brussels, Trône 100 – Project in 2019

Equilis has acquired the office building (8 storeys) at 100 Rue du Trône à Bruxelles. It plans to fully renovate the building.
The demolition of the interior developments is in progress. Works are planned to start in June 2019.
The marketing of the office spaces is starting now.

Chaumont-Gistoux – Chantier en 2019

Equilis has started building a complex that will house the Carrefour Market-Groupe Mestdagh of 1,900 m², 11 housing units (6 apartments and 5 penthouses), and 400 m² of shops on the ground floor.
The delivery of the supermarket is scheduled for July 2019 and the opening for 17 September.

Court-Saint-Etienne – Court Village II

Equilis’ goal was to build a sustainable district. The Walloon Region’s frame of reference is a general framework that aims to encourage and favour the emergence of ground-breaking developments in this field. Equilis is part of this vision and in June 2017 opened Phase 1 of Court-Village.
On a plot of 9 ha, the project envisages, in the long term, the construction of 350 homes and 8,600 m² of retail space in 3 phases. The phase 1 construction work (152 apartments and 7,800 m² of shops, a nursery) went well and this new neighbourhood opened earlier than expected. 100% of the apartments built have been sold.
The first buried smart containers of the IBW – a first in Walloon Brabant – were inaugurated in September 2017.
As far as the retail part is concerned, the brands present on the site: Action, Hubo, Ava Papier, Fresh Med, Delitraiteur, Boulangerie Louise, Proximus, Opticien Noralia.
Phase 2 foresees 215 homes.

Perwez – L’Orée de Seumay

Equilis will soon be offering a new neighbourhood in the Perwez district, in Walloon Brabant: l’Orée de Seumay. In a country setting, to the north of the city, a hundred new homes will appear, with a particular focus on architectural mixity: there will be detached houses and apartments but also spaces for self-employed professionals The layout of the site will stimulate the emergence of a neighbourhood where residents can meet up in a number of outdoor developments with spaces prioritising soft mobility. L’Orée de Seumay will offer 62 houses and 56 apartments, enhanced by quality materials drawn from Brabant architectural tradition, such as blue stone and wood. Each home can be personalised thanks to a wide choice of tailored packages and finishes.
Application for permit: May 2019. Start of project planned for August 2020. Delivery: July 2022.

Arlon (Washbourg) – in partnership with Idelux

Equilis is developing a new mixed neighbourhood of 22 detached homes, some with lofts that can be developed, making it possible to extend the living environment, and 92 apartments spread over 4 buildings. Each building will be designed by a different architect.
Equilis’ ambition is to create a neighbourhood with high added value in which neighbourhood life can develop quickly. Groomed development of outdoor spaces and approaches, pedestrian paths, areas to relax in, playgrounds and meeting places will all be there.
Imaginative services and shared areas will also be available to residents. A shared kitchen garden will create bonds between residents.
Application for permit: June 2019. Start of project planned for Sept. 2020. Delivery: Oct. 2022.

Marbehan – in partnership with Idelux

Equilis renovates a site and develops a new, landscaped neighbourhood of 45 detached homes, 13 “kangaroo” homes, 62 apartments, 4,615m² for a rest home, service flats, or senior citizens’ flats, and 850 m² of retail floor area (Spar).
Equilis wants to create a green neighbourhood, enhanced with a park, common areas, a shared kitchen garden, where the pedestrian has priority and in which neighbourhood life can develop quickly. Groomed development of outdoor spaces and approaches, pedestrian paths, areas to relax in, playgrounds and meeting places will all be there. The neighbourhood will be located a few minutes’ walk from the station. Ideal location for commuters.
Permit application: Nov. 2019. Start of project planned for April 2021. Delivery: April 2023.


Equilis renovates the site of an old sand quarry and develops a new mixed, sustainable neighbourhood of 110 detached homes and 58 apartments there. The Walloon Region’s frame of reference is a general framework that aims to encourage and favour the emergence of ground-breaking developments in this field. Equilis aims to meet more than 80% of the criteria set.

La Hulpe

Equilis develops 12 luxury apartments in a beautiful setting on the edge of the nature reserve.
Application for permit: March 2019. Start of project planned for March 2021. Delivery: Sept. 2022.

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