Equilis France, a growing company, recruiting staff

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Jean-Jacques Ballester, CEO Equilis France, has been its manager for 4 years. His credo… “To make room for new ideas, putting the human being at the centre of our projects’. Equilis’ sphere of activity covers residential and commercial development, but also students’ and seniors’ residences, thus establishing its know-how in terms of mixity.”

Our team of developers has taken on new talent to see our challenges through successfully: Pascal Leplang, expert in public works, research and operations manager for Paris and Northern France. Stéphane Gerard is continuing the development in the Southwest with successful operations like L’Orée du Parc (66 homes delivered in April 2018) and Le Domaine du Lac (sale of 34 developed plots). We are still looking for a developer for the Lyon region where Equilis hopes to develop its activity. The team at headquarters, located in Sophia Antipolis in Alpes-Maritimes department has been strengthened: Véronique Vachaud, technical manager, joins Sophie Dussart and Alexandra Folli. She arrives to contribute her technical analysis skills, not just upstream of projects, but also in the technical follow-up of works, thus allowing the rest of the team to concentrate on the commercial development of the operations.

Our stories in France.

Grimaud (83) – Les Jardins d’Adélaïde – In progress

Equilis is continuing with the building of private homes (20 apartments and 26 detached homes) and 20 council homes in 3 buildings, all in the bay of St Tropez, 10 min’s walk from the beach.
Works started in 2017 and sparked great interest among people preparing for their retirement and who wished to invest in the Côte d’Azur.
The apartments will be delivered during the 3rd quarter of 2019, and the detached homes are scheduled for the end of 2019.
This project evidences Equilis workmanship: quality and integration with the environment.

Monteux (84) – Patio du lac – Works started in 2019

Equilis has just started work on a new residence of 92 homes facing the Lac de Monteux, next to Avignon. This programme meets a real local rental need. It is also in a booming tourist and commercial area, this being especially due to the leisure parks Spirou and Wave Island close by.
The homes provide large volumes, thus ensuring day-to-day quality of life.
“We hope that the future tenants and purchasers feel good there. The programme has been designed integrating it with its environment as far as possible: the car park, for example, will be in the basement in order not to distort the area’s visual appearance. “
Delivery scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Monteux (84) – Horizon de Provence – Application accepted by the CDAC (retail planning committee)

Equilis is progressing with the “retail park” project, offering shops, services, supermarket, leisure/sport/well-being centre covering more than 11,900 m² GLA and 348 parking spaces. The CDAC accepted the application in 2018.
The choice of future shop owners and artisans is made by agreement with the institutions in order to prioritise those already present in the Monteux area and wishing to enlarge their business. Newcomers will meet a local need.
The centre’s policy is based on good food, well-being and quality of life.
The architecture will provide a pleasant environment for its users, who will also enjoy the groomed, planted outdoor spaces.
The project is scheduled for delivery in 2021.

Gujan Mestras (33) – Parc du lac – Development permit

Equilis acts here as a developer.
This big project covers an area of 35,488 m² located in the south of the Arcachon basin.
Subdivision of 7 plots.
3 restaurants, 2 hotels, offices, a medical centre, a shopping centre, a bakery and a seniors’ residence are planned.

Gujan Mestras (33) – Grands Lacs seniors’ residence – Building Permit currently being obtained

This seniors’ residence will offer 87 beds enabling active pensioners, living alone or with their partner, to continue to be as autonomous as they can.
The partnership with Les Sénioriales will guarantee its optimal operation and will provide expertise in providing services to people, a key component of the project.

Tourcoing (59) – Résidence Villas du Parc – Building Permit currently being obtained

A building permit is currently being obtained for this private residential programme with a total of 48 homes. The residence is located on a plot of 3,984m² and will be built in partnership with DUODEV.

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