Equilis has Tripled its Business and is Celebrating its 15th Birthday!

Equilis is already celebrating its 15th anniversary! These 15 years have seen Equilis diversify into the residential sector and into six European countries, rehabilitating brownfield sites, constructing eco-districts, etc. The years that have passed since the developer’s inception have been rich in ambitious projects. This anniversary is the perfect opportunity to look back at some of the highlights, while keeping an eye on the future, because Equilis does not intend to stop there!

When Carl Mestdagh founded Equilis in 2006, his activities were focused on the Belgian retail sector. Today, the developer has grown into a group with operations in six European countries, and has already completed some 50 mixed residential and commercial projects. So a lot has happened in those years!

The 15th anniversary of Equilis is the perfect opportunity to look back on its history, which has been marked by many highlights, developments and innovative projects. From its very first steps in the residential sector, the developer tackled the rehabilitation of the Papeteries de Genval, a former industrial site that has become a mixed neighbourhood. By 2019, Equilis had already rehabilitated more than 40 hectares of brownfields and this know-how has enabled the developer to embark on ambitious projects to revitalize eyesores, reconvert and renovate buildings such as Vredeoord in the Netherlands, LR15 in Spain and the future La Canopée project in France.

An international and human adventure

Alongside this diversification into residential property, the history of Equilis is also marked by its expansion into six European countries: Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Today, the developer has local teams in each of these countries, a strategy that allows it to maintain a human scale while carrying out relevant projects in each region. With this in mind, Equilis has also specialized in mixed-use projects, where the cohabitation of several functions promotes economic development and social exchanges.

The human element is at the heart of all Equilis’ activities and the well-being of the occupants has always been a guiding principle in its projects. This concern has led the developer to come up with ever more qualitative projects and to implement innovative initiatives such as the planting of an urban forest at Terra Nostra, the creation of housing at the Sophia Antipolis technology park, and the creation of an aesthetic committee within the group. Equilis has also always taken care to follow the evolution of the market and society, which is why environmental, societal and governance criteria have become increasingly important in the group’s strategy in recent years.

To become the European reference for mixed development and rehabilitation

We invite you to (re)discover these highlights and values in detail through videos and articles in which Equilis employees have the opportunity to speak. This 15th anniversary is also an opportunity to talk about the years to come and the group’s ambitions. With its experience and solid presence in Europe, Equilis has no intention of slowing down and no less than 500,000 m2 of space, including 4,000 homes, is already under development in six countries. Equilis’ ambition is to become the European reference in mixed-use development and rehabilitation, while continuing to write great stories through its real estate projects.

Happy 15

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