2018: Equilis Transforms Iconic Offices in Vredeoord (Eindhoven) into Accessible Housing

In 2018, Equilis acquired the former Vredeoord site of Philips in Eindhoven. The development of apartments in this former office building appealed to Holland Immo Group, which purchased the project. The conversion fits in perfectly with the new functions of the area and meets the needs of the city, where there is a lack of mid-priced housing.

In Eindhoven, the Philips company is an integral part of the history and landscape. The company was founded in this Dutch city at the end of the 19th century and developed not only production sites but also houses, parks and many other infrastructures during the 20th century.

Today, some of the multinational’s operations are still based in Eindhoven, and the Dutch city even hosts a museum dedicated to the company. But over the years and through restructuring, Philips has also left a number of sites that had to be repurposed. The most prominent example is Strijp-S, an industrial complex that was transformed into an urban neighbourhood and creative district in the 2000s.

166 comfortable and sustainable apartments

A few steps away, Equilis acquired a building that was part of another former Philips landmark: the Vredeoord office park. Like Strijp-S, the location is also slated to become a new residential area, and the project initiated by the developer plays a central role in this redevelopment.

Equilis plans to transform the offices of the VS building in Vredeoord into a residential complex with 166 modern and sustainable apartments. The project includes, for example, solar panels, a green roof and a connection to a district heating network. The transformation of VS de Vredeoord also relies on preserving the many architectural qualities of the building, such as its elegant natural stone façade, high ceilings and large windows. All these elements contribute to the comfort of the residents, as do the terraces and the interior garden.

A project adapted to urban life and market needs

A touch of green, pleasant and functional spaces, but also a good location within a few minutes by bike from the centre of Eindhoven: the project, which has been named Living Vredeoord, fulfils all the requirements of urban living. This is one of the reasons why the Dutch investor Holland Immo Group was attracted to the development.

Holland Immo Group was also interested in the project for this building because it will meet the needs of the real estate market in Eindhoven, where there is a persistent shortage of mid-priced rental housing. With its two- and three-room apartments (average size: 67 m2), the building will offer solutions for young workers, singles or couples, senior citizens and all those looking for a medium-term, high-quality rental.

Living Vredeoord is a perfect example of the strengths and opportunities of urban redevelopment. When well thought out, this approach allows for the (re)creation of serene and sustainable living environments in the city, while providing concrete solutions to local problems or needs.

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