Equilis Belgium announces the sale of phases 2 and 3 of the shops of the Papeteries de Genval to e-maprod

A page has been turned in the Papeteries de Genval.  Less than a year after the sale of all the flats, the companies dealing with phases 2 and 3 of the retail part have now been sold, bringing to a close the story that started more than 10 years ago.  

The Papeteries de Genval is one of Equilis’ top references. An old industrial site on which everything had to be created again.   The Lasne water course, which was buried, has been restored to the surface. The vestiges of a glorious industrial past have been transformed into an incredibly modern and welcoming mixed living space. With its square, its bright flats, its shops and its green environment, the Papeteries de Genval site has become an essential meeting place in the heart of Walloon Brabant. 

“The attractive commercial mix, accessibility and user-friendliness of the location have made the Papeteries de Genval a compulsory shopping destination in Walloon Brabant and therefore an attractive product for investors.A few days after the sale of ‘Parenthèse’ in Gosselies and ‘Court Village’ in Court-Saint-Etienne, this latest transaction confirms the popularity of the retail sites developed by the Equilis Belgium team,” said Nadia Vrancken, CEO of Equilis Belgium.  “The acquisition of phases 2 and 3 of Papeteries de Genval is perfectly in line with our current investment and portfolio diversification strategy. After having patiently and meticulously laid the groundwork for our development, through large-scale projects in Brussels, e-maprod is starting a phase of expansion throughout Belgium. We believe, more than ever, in this retail asset, which is set to become the epicentre of Walloon Brabant shopping.” said Christian Stenuit, CEO of e-maprod.   

 ‘Papeteries de Genval’ key facts

  • Creation of a new urban centre on a renovated old industrial site
  • Mixed project in 3 phases
  • 7 hectares of land
  • 390 homes
  • 15,000m² of retail space (2,500 in phase 2 and 1,850 in phase 3)
  • An elderly persons residence (101 flats)
  • 13 retail spaces in phases 2 and 3

The brands represented on the site are: Action, Casa, Basic Fit, Hans Anders, Miniox, Bioloco (horeca), Céline Blanche (hairdresser), Happy Cash, Inox et Passion, Joy and Paillettes, Van Der Smissen Immo, Celestetic Clinic, Slim Bodyline Center.