100% of the apartments sold and commercial spaces rented at Papeteries de Genval!

A new Equilis success story

As the construction of phase 3 draws to a close, the Papeteries de Genval site is already a calling card for Equilis. 390 apartments, a 101-unit serviced residence and 15,000 m² of retail space have been built and are now fully commercialized.

The story began with the acquisition of 8 hectares of land. A former industrial site on which everything had to be recreated. It was simply a matter of imagining. The Lasne river, which had been buried, was then brought to light.
The remains of a glorious industrial past were transformed into an incredibly modern and welcoming mixed-use living space. With its square, its bright apartments, its shops, its parking lots and its green environment, the site of the Genval paper mills has become an essential meeting place in the heart of Walloon Brabant.