Equilis, the reality on the ground

  • Equilis also has international ambitions, aiming to carry out a significant proportion of its operations abroad.
  • Since 2006, Equilis has been developing sustainable projects thanks to a vision of real estate today and tomorrow that draws on many different sources.
  • Equilis ranks among the top two commercial developers and among the top five residential developers in Belgium.
  • Equilis, international ambition

With a view to achieving sustained growth and diversification, the foreign market has become a major objective for Equilis. The company already operates in France, Morocco, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine and is currently studying new projects in Spain.

Equilis aims to undertake many of its operations abroad as of 2015 and to focus its development, above and beyond the field of leasable areas, mainly on mixed projects in city centres, with a substantial residential element.

Equilis – Creator and manager of living spaces and mixed projects

Equilis, a property development and investment company established in 2006, develops and supports ambitious projects in various sectors of activity: commerce, rehabilitation of disused industrial sites, residential facilities, service residences.

Having initially specialised in commercial property, Equilis now numbers among the leading real-estate developers. In six years, with leasable areas covering 200,000 m², 1,000 housing units and service residences totalling 10,000 m², Equilis has become the second largest commercial developer[1] in Belgium and one of the top five in the residential sector. 

The Equilis strategy focuses on the creation of living areas and the development of mixed projects in which the residential aspect is becoming increasingly important, at the heart of the city. Investments totalling over four hundred million euros are to be made in this field by 2016. This strategy provides a natural response to the wish to diversify while at the same time continuing with its first business activity, that of commercial development. 

Equilis stands out from other property developers in that it retains ownership of the commercial areas. This is in line with its aim to undertake long-term projects, whereby it invests in, develops, promotes and manages assets.

Equilis in Belgium

2012 was an important year in which several major dossiers were implemented in practice. Below is an overview of a few of the projects undertaken by Equilis. More detailed technical data sheets and photographs are enclosed with this press release. 

The former Papeteries de Genval paper mill is to be converted in the context of a mixed, modern project providing 400 homes, service residences covering 10,000 m² and 15,000 m² of shops. The first phase of the work has started and the site is scheduled to open by the end of 2014.

Brussels – Just Under the Sky lies on a four-hectare site near the Van Praet bridge. Equilis has obtained town planning and environmental permits. The dossiers will shortly be submitted to general contractors. JUTS is scheduled to open in early 2015 and will provide a real living and leisure area. Equilis aims to propose a highly original combination of shops, unusual hotel and catering services and areas designed to promote Belgian know-how. The project revolves around three themes: sport/nature, multimedia/internet, fashion/design.

Equilis wants this area – which is currently derelict – to become a place of renewal in Brussels, with distinctive architecture set an outstanding location at the entrance to the city on the edge of the canal and the royal park.

Permits have also been obtained for:

  • Les Portes de Braine in Braine L’Alleud: a leasable area of 9,600 m², opening scheduled for September 2013.
  • Les Portes de Charleroi Sud in Couillet: a 15,000 m² extension, opening scheduled for September 2013.
  • Gilly: extension of the leasable area by more than 4,184 m², opening scheduled for mid-2013.
  • Grace-Hollogne: mixed project covering 3,200 m² in phase I and 880 m² comprising small shops and 19 apartments in phase 2. Ideally located between Bierset airport and the motorways of Wallonia. Opening scheduled for early 2013.
  • Luttre: 1,500 m² extension (phase 1) of the current Carrefour Market – Groupe Mestdagh, which will also be enlarged. Opening scheduled in mid-2013.
  • Tubize – Côté Senne, symbol of renewal in Tubize: a new mixed area on the old Fabelta industrial site, comprising 6,800 m² of shops and 182 apartments, was opened on 20 September. Planning permission for the second phase has been obtained and the opening is scheduled for the end of 2014.

Equilis will shortly be submitting permit applications for the conversion of the Henricot 2 site in Court-Saint-Etienne (400 homes and 8,600 m² of shops), for the conversion of the Froyennes site (Tournai), and for the extension of the old Champion supermarket in Tubize (Brenta).