Equilis is continuing with its consolidation in Belgium and its European expansion under the banner “Equilis. Building Happy Stories”

Carl Mestdagh, Executive Chairman of Equilis Europe: “The Equilis team is happy and proud to write a new page of its story. Equilis is acquiring a new identity, in line with its desire to put people (customer centricity) and social issues at the centre of its development approach. New way of presenting ourselves. Consoliding our way of working. New European structure. The stories we want to write are many but they all head in the same direction. Increasing happiness and well-being. Our properties, apartments, offices, shopping centres and mixed-use buildings are places where people live. That’s why we strive to put the user at the centre of our design process. Our company has the intention and the ability to build stories in which everyone can flourish. It has built many to date and is ready to build many more.”

  • 7 countries
  • 1 HQ
  • 4 new CEOs in 2017
  • 10 years in business
  • 38 projects
  • 374 shops opened
  • 2,109 housing units and 125,047 m² of retail (and other) under development/construction
  • 500 Million in current investment

50 men and women are already writing the next chapters of the Equilis Europe story.

  • Olivier Beguin has announced the creation of Equilis Europe (set up on 1/9/17), of which he is now CEO. Equilis Europe supervises business activities in the 7 current countries and in the future entities under development, scheduled for 2018.
  • Nadia Vrancken joined the team as CEO of Equilis Belgium in September 2017.
  • In Holland, Francine Zijlstra, CEO of Equilis Netherlands, has been responsible for development in this country since 2017.
  • In France and in Spain, Jean-Jacques Ballester, CEO of Equilis France and Victor Gomez Izquierdo, CEO of Equilis Spain, are responsible for development. The subsidiary Equilis Portugal has also been set up.
  • In Poland, business activities are led by Monika Wozniak-Zawiola, CEO of Equilis Poland.
  • The latter subsidiary has been in existence since October 2017. Benoit Rennotte and Raffaele Guiducci will lead the General Management together this year as CEOs of Equilis Luxembourg.
  • The in-house teams (50 people in Europe have also been made aware of our new way of working, developing, presenting ourselves. They are ready to write tomorrow’s stories.

Equilis Belgium. A new organisation serving tomorrow’s development.
From November, Equilis Belgium will have a development department capable of meeting the challenges laid down by the Belgian team.
Jean-Philippe Doutrelugne and Olivier Weets will lead it, allowing the Belgian team to continue its progress and meet its shareholder’s desire to invest. With its recognised business development know-how (Docks Bruxsel, Bellefleur, Manufacture65, Froyennes … etc.), and references in the development of new city districts such as Papeteries de Genval and Court Village, the Belgian multidisciplinary team is ready to consolidate its position as a major player on the Belgian market.
Equilis will continue to develop projects in Wallonia, as a key player in mixed and complex projects in and around city centres. The aim of the team is also to position itself as a Brussels operator and to establish partnerships in Flanders through its knowledge of retailers and its residential experience.

Our stories in Belgium.

Docks Bruxsel – A very positive balance sheet after one year open (Oct. 2017)
We are proud to be able to say today that we have succeeded in creating a new benchmark on the market. It meets the expectations of an audience that demands new experiences. This bolsters our conviction and encourages us to continue our efforts to get Docks Bruxsel known and improve our visitors’ experience.

Court-Village – Opening of Walloon Brabant’s first sustainable district (June 2017)
Equilis’ goal was to build a sustainable district. The sustainable district idea has been used without any real framework for a long time. The Walloon Region’s frame of reference (2014) is a general framework that aims to encourage and favour the emergence of ground-breaking developments in this field. Equilis is part of this vision and in June 2017 opened Phase 1 of Court-Village.
On a plot of 9 hectares, the project envisages, in the long term, the construction of 350 homes and 8,600 m² of retail space in 3 phases. The phase 1 construction work (152 apartments and 7,800 m² of shops) went well and the new district opened earlier than expected (June instead of September).
In the residential part of the project, 134 apartments have been accepted. The residents are already living on the premises. 18 units are under construction and will be delivered in May 2018. All the investors who have put their assets up for rent have found tenants. The project for the 25 units of the last building will start in late 2017, for a delivery in 2019.
As far as the retail part is concerned, the brands present on the site: Action, Hubo, Ava Papier, Fresh Med, Point G (fashion), Delitraiteur, Boulangerie Louise, Proximus, L&M Coiffure and Optique Noralia (chassis showroom).
The crèche was opened in October 2017 and has already received its first toddlers.
The opening of the IBW’s first buried intelligent containers – a first in Walloon Brabant – is scheduled for 18/9/17.

Les Papeteries de Genval – Project Phase 2 in progress – Permit obtained for phase 3
The former industrial site of Papeteries de Genval have been transformed into a mixed, modern project offering a total of 390 homes, a Residence for the Elderly (RPPA – 101 flats) and 15,000 m² of shops. A total of 1,100 parking spaces will be built.
The site is a calling card for Equilis. It has already led to a collaboration with various authorities to consider future developments. Restoring a stream to the surface in the very heart of a mixed project shows, despite the complexity of this choice, how urban districts, tomorrow’s living areas, can be reinvented. Low energy housing, photovoltaic panels or green roofs have now become standard Equilis developments in its projects.
Phase two of the Papeteries de Genval project, covering the building of 2,500m² of retail floor space and 97 new apartments spread over 4 buildings (Résidence Bruyère, Résidence Rubis, Résidence Saphir and Résidence Emeraude) is well under way. Delivery is scheduled for spring 2018.
The residential marketing rate (phase 2) exceeds 93%. The offer includes 64 new apartments housed above the future new shops and 33 higher range homes housed in three detached houses with apartments with private gardens on the ground floor and penthouses with 150 m² terraces overlooking planted areas. This complex is ideally located between phase 1, the water’s edge and the Lasne valley green belt.
The 2,500 m² of shops of phase 2 are currently on the market. 10 units of 115 to 1,000 m² are planned.
And the permit has just been granted for phase 3. The pre-marketing of phase 3 is under way. 132 home units and 24 units in a second stage and 1,900 m² of retail are planned in this last phase.

Les Hauts de Wierde – Scheduled to open in February 2018
A new retail complex located in a highly dynamic retail development area in the City of Namur. The project is drawing to its end. The site comprising 5 units (3,260 m²) will house, among others, a Picard, a restaurant, a chemist’s. Scheduled to open in February 2018.

Expansion of Carrefour Market
2017: opening of Carrefour Market in the MINT centre (AG Real Estate) on 15 November.
2018: 4 new stores are planned

Our stories in Spain. Finestrelles will open in 2018. (Information pending)

Spain/Barcelona – Finestrelles Shopping Centre
39,250 m² will be spread over 110 shop units to offer a comprehensive range (H&C, fashion, household appliances, sport and accessories). A students’ residence with 400 units is also planned.
The design of the new Finestrelles shopping centre combines elegance and light forming an oasis in an urban environment.
Building work started in November 2016 and the opening is scheduled for autumn 2018.
A prime location: the future Finestrelles shopping centre is located in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), at the intersection of several main roads and is easily accessible by public transport.
Two underground parking levels with over 1,250 parking spaces.
A benchmark of sustainability in Spain – Equilis is aiming to obtain a “Very Good” Breeam certificate for this new development

Our stories in France. Overview.

France/Arcachon Basin- Gujan-Mestras – “Chanteclaire”
Residential project. Development of a 4-hectare area Execution of 34 lots of ready-to-build plots and a lot assigned in an off-plan sale to an institutional stakeholder. Sale began in June 2016 and building work started last July.

France/Archachon Basin – Le teich – “L’Orée du Parc”
Project with 66 homes, 10 top of the range houses, 56 apartments including 28 homes sold en bloc to an institutional stakeholder, the permit for which has been granted and cleared. The off-plan reservation contract with a local lessor for the sale en bloc was signed in September 2015. Sale of the private homes is in progress (95% sold) and the the social lot has been sold. The project started in August 2016. Delivery of homes in February 2018

France/Arcachon Basin- Gujan-Mestras – “La Boucherie”
For its “La Boucherie” restaurant chain Equilis is executing a 406 m² retail programme on a plot of 2,500 m². The Lease in future state of completion was signed with the franchisee in March 2016. The project’s deliveries were made in March 2017.

France – Avignon (Agroparc) – “Les Jardins de la Pinède”
Project with 53 home units (with swimming pool) in partnership with TPF France,. Sale in progress (96% sold). The project started in early November 2016. Delivery scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018.

France – Grimaud – “Les Jardins d’Adélaïde”
Project with 66 homes (26 detached houses, 20 private apartments and 20 homes sold en bloc to an institutional stakeholder) whose permit has been granted and cleared. Sale of the private homes under way since July 2016. Project launch scheduled for November 2017.

France/South-West – Biganos:
5,500 m² retail project (retail park). Equilis, in partnership with a local group, has obtained the permits (CDAC and building permit) in an area that already houses Leroy-Merlin. Resale of the project in progress.

France/Beaulieu urban development zone – PATIO DU LAC – Monteux:
Equilis is developing a vast residential project as part of the development of a masterplan, planning several hundred homes, hotel establishments and Service Flats.
A building permit for 92 public-owned homes (the ” Patio du lac”) on the lakeside was granted in 02/072015 and cleared on 02/10/2015. The market launch was in July 2016.

France/Beaulieu urban development zone – LES PORTES DE MONTEUX – Monteux:
Equilis is developing a mixed project of 11,902 m² GLA of retail, leisure, restaurants, offices. The project will be submitted to the CDAC in November 2017.

France/Beaulieu urban development zone – LE JARDIN D’ATALA – Monteux:
Project of 54 homes and 2 shops whose building permit was deposited in late October 2017. Sale starts in the 1st quarter of 2018.

Our stories in the Netherlands.

Acquisition of a historic building (Missie Huis) worth 6 Million Euro in Driehuis commune, near Haarlem, to re-develop it in a mixed project combining a senior residence of 4,500 m² with 85 apartments. This is a public tender that Equilis won. The permit procedure will be launched soon.

Netherlands: other large-scale residential projects are also being studied in Amsterdam and La Haye.

Our stories in Poland.

Warszawa/Bukowinska Residence
Mixed project of 100 home units and 4,600 m² of retail right in the centre of Warsaw.