Equilis gives the green light to its next big opening: Nexum Retail Park Fuenlabrada

The project, with a plot of 48,000 m2 and a total investment of 110 million, will house a shopping centre, a student residence and a hotel.

The Belgian real estate developer founded in 2006, responsible in Spain for important projects such as the Finestrelles shopping centre in Barcelona or the historic luxury refurbishment of Lope de Rueda 15 and Velázquez 70 in Madrid, is launching a new and powerful project in Fuenlabrada: Nexum Retail Park.

With an investment of close to 110 million euros, Avintia will be in charge of its construction, starting this April and with an estimated duration of 18 months. It is estimated that this ambitious project will attract 3 million visitors a year and create 700 new jobs.

Located in the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada, this new commercial work has 48,000 m² of land, of which 26,000 m² will be used for the Retail Park, 17,000 m² for a student residence with 600 rooms and 4,000 m² for the construction of a hotel.

The commercial mix that visitors will be able to enjoy will include the main sectors of this type of commercial park: the ground floor will house a supermarket, automotive store, decoration, home, pet, fashion and furniture shops, among other services. On the upper floor there will be a gym of almost 2,000 m², a children’s leisure area and restaurants. Also, for those who decide to come by car, there will be a car park area for almost 1.000 vehicles as well as a petrol station.

Equilis in Spain

The developer has been present in Spain since 2014 with four major investments behind it, such as the Finestrelles Shopping Centre in Barcelona (inaugurated in 2018) and two luxury residential projects in the heart of the Salamanca district, currently under construction, at Lope de Rueda 15 and Velázquez 70.

Equilis in Europe

The company, originally from Belgium, carries out ambitious real estate work across a wide spectrum of activities, including commercial and residential projects, regeneration of industrial sites, residences for the elderly or students, car parks and cultural spaces. It operates across much of Europe, with offices in Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Equilis across the world

In a world increasingly concerned about the planet and the impact that humans have on it, Equilis has a lot to contribute, as one of its maxims is to always try to reduce the impact that its buildings will have on the ecology as much as possible, from energy and water management, to the regeneration of abandoned industrial areas, to their inclusion in the local economy. In addition, Nexum Retail Park Fuenlabrada is aiming for BREEAM sustainability certification.

Shopping centres after the pandemic

The pandemic had a major impact on consumption and, above all, on all those establishments that depended on the visitor flow. The shopping centre sector was one of the worst affected, seeing its capacity and opening hours limited. However, this is now behind us, and an upturn in sales, footfall and openings is expected.

The Spanish Association of Shopping Centres and Parks (AECC) expects 2022 to consolidate a trend that has already begun with sales growth to 40.399 million euros (21.4% more than in 2020) and an increase in footfall of 19.6%, representing 1.520 million visits. Employment is also showing clear signs of recovery, generating 794.000 direct and indirect jobs.

The Nexum Retail Park Fuenlabrada project began in mid-2019 and, for obvious reasons, had to adapt to the new market needs which, far from being a drawback, has strengthened the project even more.