Equilis Belgium announces the sale of the commercial site of Court Village


On June 10th 2022, Equilis Belgium completed the sale of the company that owns its ‘Court Village’ retail park to a private investor.

Its optimal location and accessibility, its quality architecture and an attractive commercial mix give Court Village many assets in the eyes of investors.   

Following the sale of its ‘Parenthèse’ retail park in Gosselies, the Equilis Belgium team is writing, through this sale, a new page in the success story of this site in Court-Saint-Etienne, in Walloon Brabant.  Equilis’ ambition was to transform a former industrial wasteland into a timeless, sustainable, friendly and inter-generational urbanization opportunity. This mixed-use district includes shops, homes and a crèche. It is one of the first sites in Walloon Brabant to have met most of the criteria of the ‘Sustainable districts’ benchmark (Région Wallonne, 2014). It responds to the growing need to live close to everything, shops, transport and services within a lively district.

 “The retail park is one of the few stable real estate products that continues to give an attractive return.  Both private and institutional investors maintain an interest in qualitative, stable sites, with major brands, such as Hubo and Action here and a wide range of food shops. The excellent occupancy rate obviously represents an important lever in their decision. We welcome this conclusion. Our last two commercial sites for sale are, at this stage, in exclusive negotiation,” reports Nadia Vrancken, CEO of Equilis Belgium.    

Building on the success of the first phase of Court Village, the Belgian Equilis team is continuing to develop this project, which should see the second phase being built soon. 

Key facts ‘Court Village’

  • Eco-district (a baseline for sustainable districts)
  • Mixed functions (housing, commerce, education)
  • 6 786 m² of shops
  • 13 commercial areas
  • The brands present at the site: Action, Hubo, Ava Papier, Fresh Med, Delitraiteur, Boulangerie Louise, Domino’s Pizza, Opticien Noralia, Tasty Tacos, Green Clothes, Blooo and Lune Hair.
  • 350 housing units in 3 phases
  • A communal crèche with 42 beds
  • An exceptional location in Court-Saint-Etienne
  • Airy, calm and green space, surrounded by woods and countryside, bathed by the Dyle river
  • Passive and low energy buildings
  • Sophisticated and innovative architecture
  • Opening in 2017