Anna Dużyńska as the head of Equilis Poland

In July 2020, Equilis strengthened its structures in Poland. The direction of development of the European company in Poland is primarily the further implementation of innovative, highly aesthetic projects in line with the idea of sustainable construction. The portfolio of Equilis includes both residential investments as well as office and commercial buildings.

Poland has a new direction of development

Equilis opened its office in Poland in 2016. After four years of operation in our country, this Belgian developer, which implements commercial buildings as well as residential and office projects throughout Europe, strengthens its position on the market as well as its local structures. The management of said structures was entrusted to Anna Dużyńska.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Anna to our team. Having 20 years of experience in transaction advisory and project development management on the real estate market, gained thanks to her key functions in Polski Holding Nieruchomości, Capital Park or Polnord, she will be invaluable for the further development of our operations portfolio in Poland.” – says Olivier Beguin, CEO of Equilis Europe.

Anna Dużyńska, the newly appointed CEO of Equilis Poland, has a clear vision for Equilis development on the domestic market: “We want to focus primarily on strengthening the residential offer – a segment in which we already successfully operate in several European countries. Equilis’ mission is to build not only buildings, but above all – create places and their history. Shaping the space to live and experience. The client on the Polish primary market is becoming more and more aware and his choice of the future accommodation is dictated by aspects that are key for Equilis: the innovation of the project, its coherence with the environment, the use of green sustainable solutions and elements of passive construction. The competition is considerable, but I am happy to take up the challenge of strengthening the position of a company with extensive experience in Western Europe, on our Polish market.

Equilis was founded in 2006 in Belgium by Carl Mestdagh. Currently, the developer operates in several European countries, with offices in Belgium, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Poland. “We are inspired by those who live in our buildings. Therefore, we place great importance to respecting renewable energy sources and we are aware of the impact our projects have on the environment – from the management of water resources, through reshaping post-industrial areas, to the impact on the local economy and communities. We always operate with respect to local specifics, but based on European standards. In addition to ecology, the pillar of Equilis’ activity is also to ensure a high aesthetic level of its projects. We take full responsibility for our investments to blend in harmoniously with the surroundings, bearing in mind not only urban planning but also the cultural context.” – we can read in the developer’s manifesto.

Along with the development of its structures and operations in regional offices on the Old Continent, Equilis wants to continue its mission and make a real contribution to the development of sustainable construction in Europe.” – says Carl Mestdagh, CEO and founder of the company. “We are pleased to be able to implement our vision and develop projects on the Polish market. At Equilis, we believe that by creating spaces and buildings, we build someone’s sense of security and fulfilment. We want our investments to be comfortable not only for those who will live in them.”